The Secret  is in the small details.

About me

Chiara was born and raised in Italy but since she was young she always liked to travel all over the world: Europe, Australia, South America, United States etc... this had a huge influence on her personality.

She became the easy going, open minded person always able to naturally adapt to situations and people. She fluently speaks five languages.

After her Master Degree in Economics and Business management she moved to Australia and she attended an intensive Business English course in Sydney and then she built her job experience by working for multinational companies in the corporate and marketing dept always showing her great management skills.

However, something was missing... Since the first day she was born, her passion and aptitude for beauty and fashion have been clearly apparent. It took her many years to build her courage and make the big move towards her goal. Since she truly believes that people are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of... in 2013 in the city of Los Angeles - California Chiara pursued her personal dream.

She was accepted at the prestigious and famous “Cinema Makeup School” in Los Angeles where, trained by the best and well known makeup artists, she attended the intensive Professional course. She immediately shown her talent and she completed her studies with honors. Upon completion of her professional training, Chiara quickly commenced her career in the sector working with professional photographers on many different projects, photo shoots and videos and participating at fashion shows; she is also working as key makeup artist for celebrities in the movie industry and television in the United States and Italy.

Her main focus is on beauty and fashion makeup but she feels very comfortable and talent ed also in the Special Effects world. Any opportunity that let her brushes strokes talk about her passionate talent are a true blessing. Chiara knows that the art of makeup has a huge power and it can make people feel at their best; it can influence and transform their
personality and raise their confidence by enhancing their features and natural beauty.

The secret is in the small details... they always make the difference.

“Passion Makes Me

The Makeup Heartist

- Chiara Effe

My Career

I put my soul in every project.

During the last years Chiara had the chance to integrate very well into the world of television and advertising. Infact, she is constantly working with Fox TV, Disney, Sky TV (EPCC, X Factor, Masterchef, 100x100 Cinema, Le Ricette di Cinema, Questo e Quello, La Collezionista etc...) and Mediaset (La Sai L’Ultima, 90 Special, Zelig Event, Verissimo, Mattino 5, Domenica Live, Pomeriggio 5, Isola dei Famosi, Masters of Magic, Sport Mediaset, TG4/Studio Aperto, etc...), following several major productions and various celebrities of the tv industry, cinema, sports etc...

In 2018 Chiara worked at the prestigious event “The Cal” for the launch of Pirelli Calendar 2019 and for the Ferrari campaign for the Australia, China and Japan markets. Chiara worked as a Make Up artist for Fendi fashion campaign (with Vittoria Ceretti) and Hugo Boss (with the actor Stefano Accorsi) and for the Persol event during the 2019 men’s fashion week in Milan. She also had the chance to work for the tv show “Danza con me” with the great Roberto Bolle. Chiara also worked with some talented new fashion designers and their emerging brands and collections like Atelier Dumebi, STMA.

Chiara has been working as a key makeup/hair stylist on the last four seasons of the bright and fun late night show “E poi c’è Cattelan” (EPCC) that airs on Sky Uno. In addition to the great tv host Alessandro Cattelan, some of the guest stars she worked with are: Andrea Bocelli, Matilda Lutz, Jean Paul Gaultier, Rupert Everett, Elisabetta Canalis, Stefano Accorsi, Alessandro Del Piero, Tim Roth, James Blunt, Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams, Danilo Gallinari, Pierfrancesco Favino and many others.

In addition, she also worked on various sfx projects, numerous Red Carpet events, Oscar parties, fashion shows, films and commercials in both USA and Italy.

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Chiara, da Cremona agli Oscar a colpi di cipria e pennelli


Federica Bandirali

The Details Always Make The Difference.

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Chiara Effe

Any opportunity that let my brushes strokes talk about my passionate talent are a true blessing. I know that the art of makeup has a huge power and it can make people feel at their best.
It can influence and transform their personality and raise their confidence by enhancing their features and natural beauty.

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